Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wormhole Planetary Interaction: Take One

Well, up til now all I've done PI-wise in my wormholes has been POS fuels only. With their prices absolutely in the tank,(doing the numbers, selling mechanical parts for 5500 is literally bleeding isk as opposed to selling P2s) I decided to look into P4 products that we can make inside Pretoria. We have Nano Factories, Organic Mortars, and Wetware Mainframes.

Looking over the prices, Wetwares are going for almost 1 mil each, so I've decided to give them a shot. To that end, I set up on the only Temperate planet we have and started production of the few materials I don't produce from POS fuel production: Bacteria, Biofuels, and Proteins.

Of course there's six new P3 products I don't currently make, so these go on another planet, and another Barren gets to be the P3-P4 production center.

Now hopefully my POS fuel production won't suffer, but the prices are so stupid low I can afford to just start buying the crap, honestly.

How much of a profit are my fellow wormhole industrialists making out there on PI? What have you found to be the most profitable vs time consumed?

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