Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mining Ops & Wormhole Maintenence

We added another member to the corp this past week. A friend of Freethinker and Jared's; Raphid. They spent much of this week working an Average Frontier site, which we all hate and despise, but it's still ore.

So we were very happy when two Ordinary Perimeter Deposits spawned! We planned and executed a mining op consisting of ten hulks, two Itty 5s and the Rorqual. We went full bore at it for a few hours and emptied the site of pretty much all the ore worth taking home. We're hoping it will spawn a decent mega roid and we'll get to mine that. Everyone had a good time, with me getting a bit frazzled with running three Hulks, both haulers, and the Rorq at the same time. That's alot of hauling!

So we shut it all down, and went our seperate ways, til near after midnight my time when I noticed jumps on DOTLAN. I had forgot I had accidentally opened a D382 sometime earlier while looking for the high sec exit. Loggin in I caught a Helios as it threw out probes and started scanning.

Well crap.

So I jumped in some combat ships, the Legion, Devoter, pulled out the Thanatos and assigned some fighters. Warped around looking for the Helios, hoping to bump into him, while I closed the D382 with dual Orcas. After that, he was still scanning.

Oh, I hadn't scanned the new B274 back down, guess I should do that. As I did that, I noticed the scan probes were clustered near it. So I jumped back into the Legion and warped the gang over to it and threw the bubble up as soon as I landed. Almost right after it went up, the Helios de-cloaked . I quickly locked him up and blew him away. His pod hung in space, not moving. I locked him up, but stayed my trigger finger.

"Nice kill. Can I leave with my pod?" he asked. I was quite surprised, and started to respond that that was the reason I hadn't killed him. As I hit enter he jumped out and quickly convoed me. His name was Sor'Val, and he thanked me for not podding him. He said he was surprised. I told him it was obvious he wasn't trying to find my sites and just looking for a way out, and he said yes, that's what he was doing. I figured the loss of ship for the trespass was quite enough.

So o/ to Sor'Val. Next we meet, say hi!

Oh, and the Archon is finished! My training to fly it finally lets me at the controls tomorrow! Support skills for another month. :P

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  1. Well met Forgotten Heathen ... nicely done - it isn't often a pilot gets to read of his own demise. If you don't mind, I may follow your blog - you've got some great info here for fellow Industrialist / Wormhole dwellers! The posts on Rorqual and Carrier building are particularly useful I think.