Monday, May 9, 2011

Grav Site Respawned and GM Response!

I got a response from a GM about the spod roid. Here it is.


I checked the configuration of this site, and when the asteroid disappeared it's by design. When you enter the site, there is a very good chance that the asteroid will despawn. Hence mining it is rather tricky.

Since this is normal game mechanics we are unfortunately not able to reimburse you for this asteroid. I'm sorry about that.

Best regards,
GM Zerat
EVE Online Customer Support

A bit cryptic, and seems to point to some sort of radar/mag site function where you need to keep a character on grid or it disappears. I am requesting clarification and will share.

Also, I am timestamping that our grav site respawned all the ore today, to see if the timer will also be reset along with the ore. Will post a response when I find out.


  1. I'm sorry. It's game design to have a 250 'roid despawn as soon as someone sees it? Uh.

  2. Maybe it's because he warped from the site?

    In the unlikely event that I find one of these MONSTERS, I'll be certain to leave one of my characters near while I switch to the hulks

  3. That was my guess, I had left no one at the site, and that's when I saw it despawn as I warped out.

    The GM then said he wouldn't tell me about the mechanics since they weren't made public. :)

    So def don't leave the site if you find one of these roids.

  4. Here's the actual response I got from asking what the mechanics are:

    Hello Forgotten Heathen,

    There are many sites in Eve that have a very low percentage chance of something different happening from what normally occurs at that kind of site. We are unfortunately unable to give specifics as we have not released the information publicly. I can say that these sites have not been changed in quite some time.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this matter with which we can assist you at this time.

    Best regards,
    GM Pyro
    The EVE Online Customer Support Team