Saturday, May 7, 2011

Disappearing MEGA Spod!

I warped to our new Uncommon Core Deposit to spawn the sleepers so my corpmate could mine it out when I found the single biggest roid I have ever seen. I warped out and put a Survey Scanner on my Legion to find out how big it was: 250,000 units!!!!!!


It dwarfed all the other roids in the site, and was stupid big. I told Jared about it and took some screenshots. I'll post them later as soon as I find somewhere to put them.

I hung around, killed the spawned sleepers, warping in a Noctis, salvaged, and on the way of warping both ships out, I saw the roid DISAPPEAR!


I warped back, and it was truly gone.

I've petitioned it, but am pretty sure we'll not see it's like ever again.

I know I've had roids in the sleeper combat sites disappeared when I approached them, but this was something different.

Anyone had this happen to them with a grav site?

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