Sunday, September 28, 2014

POCO bashing

As I sit here, I've got a fleet tasked with putting POCO number one into reinforced. I've got a PvE Legion fit to 647 DPS, a Dominix with Garde 2s, and a Harby doing 611 DPS and some Infiltrators.

This thing is going down slower than a nun in high heels.

Basically it'll be two hours to reinforce one POCO. Not too bad, really. I'll kill them one at a time and replace them as I go. Ought to be easier on my nerves. Spamming DSCAN as quick as it'll let me.

My high sec static led to systems behind low sec again today, so no gear runs. I did manage to get more White Noise Generators and Energy Neuts in and set up, so we at least look like a PITA to attempt to take out.

And our first mining site, an Average Frontier Site, popped up today! Can't wait to get at those roids again.

Forgotten Heathen out.


  1. 20 hours of dscanning. Not going to happen. Max dps fit on domi is higher. Stationary point blank also has higher dps. Use a mobile jump as your token gtfo option.

    Higher dps is less time on field. You will *not* be pvp ready after 90 minutes

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking of just setting up some more Harbys. Firt is the only one who can fly the Domi. Will check what kind of DPS a cheap fit Apoc or Abaddon would do, as I have tons of those sitting around from when I would buy them as hole closers.

    And I meant downing one POCO a day, not all of them at once. :P I'm falling asleep just thinking about that 20 hours of DSCAN......