Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Providence BPC

Just picked up a Providence BPC pack from Jita, was surprised to find it was only 40 million. I could have swore these were much more expensive, so either I remember incorrectly, or competition has really brought the price down.

I had a lot of left over BPCs from making all the cap ships in the wormholes, so I've been turning them into parts as we've been clearing out belts and I ship the minerals to our manufactory. All we actually have left to build are Capital Cargo Bays. But there's a TON of them, 77 to be exact.

We're running out of trit and pyerite regularly, so we're out in the fields with three Hulks, an Orca and a Miasmos. What a gem this new ship is. I noticed it after hauling in my Iteron 5 from the empty system to one jump over as fast as I could to keep up with mining. My fully rigged Itty is only like 32K space. I was going to buy another one for some reason, and I saw all these new Gallente ship types.......why would anyone train anything other than Gallente Industrial now?

My Itty pilot has rank 5 in Industrial, so gets a 50% bonus to the ore hold on the Miasmos, making it a 63k ore hold. Holy crap! I wish I had one of these in the wormhole!

So I'm still discovering things that have changed in Eve.

Forgotten Heathen out.

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  1. I really like the new industrial changes. The Bestower now has the highest normal cargo space at around 39k m3 which makes it great for high sec. Of course the Gallente industrials have a lot of new cargo bays that are really useful especially for wormholes. My favorites for wormholes is actually the Epithal and Miasmos because they can carry planetary commodities and ore out in large amounts and relatively low mass.