Monday, September 22, 2014

Wormhole Sellers MIA

So I've decided to get back into the wormhole business. I, at first, was going to go with a C1 with good PI, which was the bulk of my profit when I last did WHs.After doing some checking on the eve forums and, I found that empty C2s are going for near the same price.

Except I can't get anyone to respond to my Evemails. I've got cash in hand, but no one wants to sell the wormholes they have advertised. I don't get what changed while I was gone.

Usually, people selling wormholes want to do it very quickly.. They either have a scanning alt in the system and are not actively holding the system, or they are a corp wanting to get out of the system as fast as possible. Every tick of fuel is worth isk, so getting out quickly is paramount.

So why am I not getting return eve mails? I ponder.


  1. Do you want a c4 - c1/c5. Perfect pi, 10 customs offices included.

    No 'dead' towers.

    The c1 static gives easy access to highsec.

    1. Nah, thanks for the offer. A C4 is too much wormhole for me and the corp. Want something I won't have to actively "live" in. Looking for a C1 or C2 with perfect PI, would love to have the POCOs transferrable, but not a deal breaker. I have bash fit BSes. :)

  2. Are you still interested in the c1 with HS static and 11 planets that we discussed earlier?

  3. I was trying to catch you online since I last responded to you on 9/20, but two other wormholes came up that have better PI than the one you had, sorry.

    But still trying to get people to co-ordinate anything.