Monday, September 22, 2014

Low Sec Mining

Well, I've been poking around low sec a bit to see what has changed since I was gone. The system I do PI in is very quiet, with almost all pass through traffic. So I was pretty astonished when I found a Large Spodumain and Crokite Mining Site!

Honestly, I've never spent much time in low sec, certainly never scanned out grav sites. Now everyone can see what mining sites are there with their ship scanner. These sites may have been there all along, but I thought it was a weird site for a .4 system.

So I decided, what the hell, why not mine it. I fitted out some Retrievers and a Miasmos with a cloak and got to mining.

And now I know why these sites are never mined.

First off, there's no security from people having to at least put out probes to find you. I'm not sure how loud or how hard the Wormhole CSM screamed about this change not going in, but I have to assume this has mostly ended wormhole mining. Cloaked ships could show up in belt with you and you would have NO warning. Not even spamming the directional scan button is going to help you there.

Second, since I normally mine in Hulks that are outfitted for max yield, these Retrievers were miserable. I had one Warp Core stab in the lows, so lost space for Mining Laser Upgrades. I guess I should have just treated the ships as expendable.

Third, since people can ambush you with no warning, I was jumping the fleet out to a safe spot every time someone came in system. This becomes tedious very quick.

I have to wonder, why was the grav mechanic changed?? Was this supported opposed to removing ABC ores from wormholes? I'll investigate.

Forgotten Heathen out.

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