Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Eve Universe At Work

Well, in typical Eve fashion, my return to wormhole space is marred by losing both my Legion and my pod, along with Nyslia in a Harbinger and her pod.

I had returned to finish off the POCO we had reinforced with the same fleet, when a Devoter appeared on DSCAN. I started squad warp immediately, but the Dominix was the only ship that got away. I didn't get a shot off as I was jammed the entire "fight". So that'll be the last T3 I buy, more than likely. That's the breaks when you try to go it alone or in a small corp in Eve.

I then received an Evemail from the owners of the POCOs, that they had dispatched the fleet to stop me. I had already put these individuals on my watch list to try to buy the POCOs, and they were never on, and their corp had 6 members, and I figured it was a dead corp.

Say it with me now. "Assuming in eve...."

So, gritting my teeth, I asked if they would sell me the POCOs. Their response was I owed them 800 million in "fleet" fees, and then we could talk about lowering the taxes to 3%.........

So now I'm considering hiring a merc corp to remove all these POCOs for me. Anyone have any recommendations? It's been awhile since I knew any, if they even still play.


  1. T3's are great; interdiction nullified and cloaky. or fast moving and good DPS for a site or various fits for PVP but ... leave them out of your POCO bash fleet.

    Your doing a POCO bash. In a low end WH without a dread. You are going to be a while, and you are not properly paying attention.

    Leave bling at home. Solid fit boring and reasonably cheap ships are the way to go for this.

    Now ... if you spend 800M?? spend it on mercs. Look at the crime and punishment forum channel. Google the scam - there are a few interesting ones out there. Many merc corps are more about content for members than structure bashes.

    Options (some of which are self serving)
    * Have a fight. You have the opportunity to annoy the living crap out of some wh corp. Regularly reinforce a POCO. Make them show up with defense fleets. After a few reinforcemnts hire a merc fleet to gank their defense fleet. A couple of t1 cruisers are more than enough to finish off a POCO if you are worried about ISK on field at a timer.
    * Move on and remain solo. There are other wormholes for sale. We are selling a couple. One (a c4) is fully set up with transferable POCO's and no hostile possession.
    * Move on and join an existing WH corp. (advertorial) The Foo corps are PI based WH corps looking for new PI farmers. We also have towers with industry arrays

    Evemail DoToo Foo, and/or join the Foopub chat channel if you want more info about either of these

  2. Yep, you're right, I was being lazy. We'll see what happens now, there's a new development.