Saturday, October 4, 2014

Interesting Developments: Law of Percentages

Well, I and the POCO owners worked out an amicable settlement that didn't involve me hiring a merc corp and their people staring at the endless void of our wormhole. I got a 3% tax rate out of the deal, and I'm happily pulling in tons of PI resources.

But before that occured, I and their corp were playing cat and mouse games all over the system. I was mostly the mouse, but I tried to be the cat a couple times. No ships were lost, but my Pilgrim and Onerios got a little singed, but so did their Sleipnir.

I logged in the other morning and hit DSCAN. "Small Caldari POS??" Aw cmon! I thought the POCO owners had decided I needed to leave, so I got out my cloakies and investigated. There were also sleeper wrecks on DSCAN, so they must be running my sites to piss me off. I found the wrecks and a Mobile Tractor Unit at one of the Data sites.

Hopping over to the POS in my Anathema scanning ship, I found a lone Iteron V, or whatever the new name for it is. I'm going to keep calling it that, dammit! Anyhow. The gent was in a different corp than the POCO owners guard dogs, but I figured it was just an alt, especially since the corp name was like "Russian Corp of Alts" or some other nonsense.

While I was busy scoping out the POS and the open wormholes, I found numerous members of the enemy corp around, especially my Sleipnir buddy. If you'll remember, one of my rules is DO NOT FIGHT Sleipners. Of course I broke the rule, but I did it sitting on top of the B274 wormhole, so I was safe. But the enemy corp was flying all over the system, and a Caldari Cruiser wreck appeared on DSCAN. Hmmm.

At this time, the POS had no defenses, and I considered dropping some damage on it, but then the Russian Alt unanchored the ship maintenance array!. He then scooped it up and offlined the shield.

I quickly reshipped in my Purifier and headed back over. He started the unanchoring process and logged out. The 15 minute timer counted down.........

Well this is weird, I thought to myself. I expected more competency from these guys. There was no one on guard duty, and I never did see any of the enemy pilots at the POS......

So fifteen minutes later, I had Nyslia in the Prorator waiting cloaked for the POS to finish unanchoring. Right on time, the Itty 5 pilot logged back in and headed towards the unanchored tower. I uncloaked, and one volley of torpedoes blew him in half. Again, I was a little startled, thinking there'd be at least a shield mod of some sort. Off shot the pod and I scooped up the small POS, money in the bank.

I figured the enemy fleet would arrive.....but nothing happened. I decided to chance it with the Prorator again, and lo and behold, the Ship Maint Array survived, along with fuel and stront and Sisters probes.

Scooping that up I quickly got out of dodge. Then the enemy fleet dropped off scan for awhile, so I grabbed my two Zealots I pulled out of high sec to replace my Legion for the time being, and went and cut the Mobile Tractor Unit in half. I gather he hadn't been able to do much of the site, as there wasn't much in there and another wave spawned when I killed a couple of the sleepers.

So later, during discussions with the POCO owner, I found out that the small POS was not theirs, and they had destroyed the ship that had been running the data site. I guess it's all risk versus reward, and the risk caught this gentleman this time. Law of percentages.

Forgotten Heathen out.

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