Saturday, October 18, 2014

Combat sites, finally! Sweet nanos, here I come!

The wormhole quieted down a little bit yesterday, enough that I felt safe enough to run some combats, relic and data sites that had popped up. I grabbed my Zealot duo and got to work.

After taking care of most of the sites, my corpmate Thulium got on, and we took his Harbinger out for a maiden wormhole voyage. He did well until a Sleeper battleship and two cruisers ganged up on him, and he heralded my advice to warp out when he got to half armor. I'm a little rusty and the cruisers outran me while I tried to kill one to down the DPS on him. No dice, and off he warped. So he needs some more Armor Tanking skills, but it wasn't too bad. I wouldn't drag him to a Relic or Data site, that's for sure.

So three combats, two relics and a data site. How many melted nanoribbons would you guess?


A single one.

Being that this is my first combat sites in wormholes in over two years, I was a bit dismayed. I don't have enough data yet to decide wether this is typical now after some sort of CCP tweaking, or it's just RNG giving me the finger. Only time will tell.

Two ore sites popped up today, so hopefully there will be some mining in our future!

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