Thursday, October 23, 2014

You Get An Industrial Kill, You Get An Industrial Kill, EVERYONE GETS AN INDUSTRIAL KILL!!!!

So here of late, I've lost a few T1 industrials and killed a few. All of my losses have been to stealth bombers, as well as my kills. Mine have been intercepting them as they exit wormholes or tracking them through one when I know they still have a polarization timer. My losses have all been at POCOs.

Here's how yesterday's went down. Had my character in a Bestower. Was taking down a planet CC, had already put a Lava CC in my hold, cause the Epithal won't hold one when it's fitted with four Warp Core Stab 2s. Then I realized I needed to grab all the PI out of the POCO quick, so I just warped straight to the POCO and there uncloaked the Manticore. One volley and my Bestower was a wreck. My pod escaped. I came back with an Impel to pick up whatever was well as my cloaked Pilgrim waiting for the Manticore to take the bait.

It didn't.

This has happened to me a number of times now. Firt almost lost an Epithal yesterday. But he has crazy shield skills, so the first shot barely dipped into structure, and I always start warping to my next destination as soon as I drop out of warp, so there's never time for a second shot. I've lost other Bestowers and Itty Vs.

Here's how I assume they are warping to the correct POCO and get there before me since SBs warp way faster than an industrial. Stealth bomber pilot sees ships on scan. Uses DSCAN to find where POS is and warps to it at range. Finds targets in their ships. Uses Look At command and sees exactly which POCO the ship is lined up for, warps over, gets kill.

I'm not a professional SB pilot, that's for sure, so maybe someone who is can weigh in. I have some in system safes I try to remember to use, but sometimes I forget or I'm just lazy. Each loss is a reminder to use the damn things.

Guess I should also be mounting shield extenders on my industrials....any advice on anti gank fits is appreciated!

Forgotten Heathen out.

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