Friday, October 10, 2014

PI, PI, and more....what's that sound?

I was running PI on all my characters today, fairly carefree and alone......until I heard the unmistakeable sound of something decloaking. I aligned immediately, but it was too late for my Iteron V. I also didn't have anyone logged in to do any security, a mistake. My pod escaped. The assailant was a Proteus fit for cloak.

So I logged in my Pilgrim, Devoter, Orca with ECM drones, and my Onerios and set up a trap. I left the Onerios at 40km off the hole, with the Pilgrim and Devoter cloaked close in while the Orca went about trying to close the B274 that was 10 jumps behind nullsec.

All was going well until a new signature popped up. An existing K162 had popped, and a new one had appeared. I headed in to investigate and found a C2 with low sec and C2 static. I decided to hang out with the Pilgrim, and just a few minutes there, the Proteus came through and quickly recloaked.

So I flew my fleet over the C2 wormhole and tried to bait him out, but he was apparently off through another hole, as he never bothered my Orca.


  1. Yep, switching over to them now. I've got a fleet of Bestowers and Itty 5s I need to offload.....