Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tagged & Bagged

I logged in the other day to run my PI when I saw an Epithal on scan. I mostly ignored it, keeping an eye out for anyone that may have been with him. I found the incoming hole from nullsec he was using, and then he'd jump out my B274 high sec static. Jumped out myself and found only a few jumps from Jita. Saw him and found yet another Russian corp. They love Eve don't they?

Well this is a nice transit point for him, isn't it? I reshipped into my Purifier.

I caught him on the nullsec side of my wormhole and reduced him to a isk quantifiable piece of rapidly cooling metal. His pod warped off, I figured that was the end of that.

Until I saw the same pod transiting my wormhole again. This is odd. Again, the pod flew across my wormhole.It almost seemed like the guy was being botted to shuttle PI from nullsec. So I logged in Nyslia in her Devoter.

The next time the pod jumped to nullsec, I took his corpse home. A buddy of his in a Probe appeared, and he reshipped to a Hawk Assault Frigate.......but would not stick around to fight.

So I'm plugging away at PI, trying to find the sweet spot between P2 and P3 manufacturing.

Forgotten Heathen out.

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