Monday, March 28, 2011

62 Sleeper Combat Sites

So what does 62 combat sites look like to anyone who pokes their head into your hole?

Complete inactivity on your part, or lunch. Whichever, it doesn't matter, it means someone is going to risk running them. Even staring down two carriers, two Legions, and numerous support ships on their DSCAN.

And so I logged in yesterday to find a Hurricane and a Thrasher busy running our sites. I quickly jumped in my anathema, combat probed them, got a bookmark, and recalled the probes. They seemed none the wiser. I then hopped into my new PvP only Legion.

I introduce my new Legion, Heathen's Claw.

5 X Heavy Pulse Laser IIs w Scorch or Multifreq
1 Medium Energy Neut II
1 Small Nosferatu II
1 Warp Disruptor II
1 Stasis Webifier 1(working on the skill for II)
10mn Microwarpdrive II
2 X 800 MN Rolled Tungsten Plates
1 Corelum C-Type Energized Adaptive Membrane
1 True Sansha Energized Adaptive Membrane
2 x Heat Sink II
2 x Trimark Armor Pump 1
1 Thermic Armor Pump

Resists EM-73 Therm-72 Kin-80 Expl-90

100,000 EHP

411 DPS

It's a buffer tank that I need to train some of my skills up a bit for, but it's pretty sweet if it can sink it's teeth into something. It'll take some practice to get the capacitor management working properly, but that shouldn't be a problem.

So, with my newly fitted and barely out of the drydock ship, I warped to my Hurricane bookmark. And there they were, busily killing sleepers, of which there were only a couple frigates left in the current wave. The Thrasher was off salvaging, it looked like, so I locked the Hurricane quickly and the thrasher warped away.

I started melting the Hurricane's tank, and was quickly working through his armor, my neut having obviously done it's job. Then out popped some ECM drones, my lock broke, and he fled into warp.

They fled through a K162 into a Class 2 system, but they must not have been the owners, as they kept on fleeing through some wormhole I didn't have a bookmark for. Oh well, it was a pretty good trial run for my new anti-visitor toy.

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