Saturday, April 2, 2011


After having sold our original class 2, we've managed to move almost all of our gear into the new-ish wormhole, Pretoria. I no longer have to worry about if the particular ship I need is in this wormhole or the other one, or if our carrier pilots are here, or if one of them is being a dread pilot in the other one. No longer are we spread out across the galaxy.

And in doing that, we don't have to open our static high sec cause we need something. Which means alot less visitors. And with two Orcas in this one explicitly used to close wormholes and haul stuff, wormhole management has never been easier.

So, we've been clearing the hole of those aforementioned 62 combat sites. Managed to get them down into the 20s. Nano drops have been rather stingy, with only 76 achieved so far. That's less than 2 per site. Couple that with the lowering in prices for nanos, and I think I'll sit on these for awhile.

In doing all the combat sites, I have realized a couple things. First, Scorch ammo is really as fragile as they say! We have burned through 20+ crystals in running the 40 sites we've done so far. Since this is probably going to become a common occurance, as 30km seems to be the standard range for most of the spawns in this class of wormhole, I considered getting a Scorch Ammo production run going.

And then I saw how much fullerides were. In doing my math, I saw there was very little money to be saved by setting up a whole production run inside the wormhole, other than to save me jumps. Which of course, can be the stuff of life in here, leaving the door open for thieves of all types, so I may reconsider that decision in the future.

So, we've come up with a decent system of running our combat sites and getting some use out of the carriers we have in here. We're running with the two PvE Legions, both with Heavy Pulse 2s and an active armor tank, of course. At the same time, our two carrier pilots are warped to a point just outside the POS shield, where they launch their fighters and assign them to us. So we merrily do our combat sites with 10 fighters swarming around us.

If you've never used fighters before, they are pretty much a comparion in damage to sentry drone 2s. But they can't hit the sleeper frigates, or player frigates for that matter, at all. Their best use is in helping take down the sleeper battleships, but they do a decent number on the cruisers as well.

And for some reason, the sleepers aren't shooting at them. At all. I'm not sure if there was some sort of code change which made drone boats more viable in wormholes, but since moving in here and trying out drones, we've seen they aren't being aggressed. Wierd.

I hope to be done with all the combats this weekend and move on the the 9 radar and mag sites we have waiting for us, and then! Back to Mining, and mayhaps we can start looking at our C3 statics!

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