Thursday, April 7, 2011

POS Of Not-So Doom

It's been a busy past few days in the wormhole, but busy at alot of useless crap. I've ran six or seven people out of the hole in just the past three days. And on top of that the darn patch, or what I'm 89% sure was the patch, despawned both our statics, almost all our radars and mag sites and my two gravs sites, all at the same time.

To me that's too much of a coincidence, with no jumps on DOTLAN and no NPC kills. So we just got screwed royally. Luckily I finished running all 62 of those combat sites before this happened. Sitting on over a bil worth of sleeper material atm.

Anyhow, enough tears. We had someone warp to the POS and shot a Sensor Dampener today. Turns out we had a D382 and didn't know it, and someone opened it. Like I said, it's been REAL busy.

Logged on, had a Raven on scan, but he disappeared as soon as the combat probes came out. Found the D382 to his wormhole with two carriers in it, just like ours, and critted it.

Not sure what kind of ship he was in when he warped in range of the POS, but he was in range to shoot it. If he bothered opening up on it, he must have been in range of it, and it must have fired at him. I had 11 guns online, along with 3 sensor dampeners and white noise generators. That's in addition to the small arty pieces I set up, but Nick pointed out I had the wrong ammo in them. Whoops.

It was a mix of smalls and mediums, so if he got scrammed, which is a big if I guess, he should have taken some damage. I leave the larges off for an emergency since they suck so much power.

Nick determined the pilot in question could also fly a Claymore, so maybe he MWDed away, but geez. I always thought it would be pretty deadly to warp to our POS in anything below a BS, and even then it'd be a bitch to get away in that.

So I hopped in a Condor and tried it out. I set the defenses to "Attack if Aggressed" and proceeded to shoot one of my guns while flying away.

The POS started locking a few guns, boy does it take forever! Everything was missing since I was such a small target and ABing away, but one small and one of the arties got a hit and I exploded. All my modules survived, interestingly enough.

Anyone reading this with lots of POS experience?

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