Monday, April 18, 2011


I noticed we spawned an extra spodumain roid today....and it's a MEGA SPOD!!!1!!1!

It's a 100k size roid, one of hte biggest I've ever seen in here. We tend to get Spods as the spawn roid if we ever get them, in fact, I don't think I've ever seen a different type of large roid spawn. I wonder if it's based on the class of wormhole. Anyone get any different sized huge roids?

As a side note, do not warp squad to zero on one of these monsters, unless you enjoy watching eight hulks bounce off to 20km away....


  1. As an aside, with four hulks being Rorqual boosted, it's going to take me over two hours to mine this single 100k spod!

  2. The single roid will be worth 150 mil all by itself.

  3. Very nice man. Gotta love Mega Roids!

  4. Yeah, i'm following your exploits on here but my starter WH colony (C1) only has retrievers in at the moment unitl I can finish training for Hulks. A 12k Crokite roid can take me (with 6 Retriever's) upto an hour to mine out! I finally managed to complete my first grav site, an Ordinary Perimeter Deposit, after 4 days

  5. Thanks for following, Dindrenzi!

    6 Retrievers is a pretty sweet mining fleet. Kudos on managing to completely mine out any grav site! We usually lose the last few roids. Wish that darn timer was longer.

  6. Yeah, we had all 3 of our grav sites despawn together yesterday. But at least we got 2 new ones today :).

    Currently have 6 retriever/hulk pilots, 1 hauler and 1 orca booster (minus the orca so far, mining to build it soon) in our WH plus 3 mack's & an orca booster mining ice in hisec.

    You found us on too :)