Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Russians and Wormholes

As anyone who reads this blog knows: I Hate Russians. Of course, I can't possibly hate all russians, just those that play Eve. So when I have a run in with one that doesn't end in either his or my bloodshed, I guess that's a good day.

I logged in after seeing NPC kills on DOTLAN to find a russian named Drake running our sites. I tried to get into some combat ships on a few people, but he had warped before I even had some in ships.

A conversation then ensued, through Google translator. Seems he thought we were georgian because of the name of our POS. Nick named it something in georgian russian I guess. I tried to explain in english that the guy who spoke russian wasn't on, so we tried the google translator when I couldn't understand him.

So here's a Привет! to Tyranid Dady, who I met today. He let me know, after heading for his wormhole, that we shouldn't leave our capitals in the force field, that it would cause people to try to kill the POS just to get them.

While he does have a distinct point, and those are the exact people we're trying to avoid meeting, having our two carriers out, (which DO have pilots, btw!) tends to make people rethink coming into our system and doing our sites.

Of course, it had no affect on this russian, because obviously he had his eye glued to the scanner. I guess it's a thrill for some people to steal sites and do them right under the owner's nose, but I've always strayed onto the safe side of things.

But in Eve, that's quite a grey area.

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