Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eve Wormhole Profitability

It's been awhile since we "cashed out" in Jita. We've mined four grav sites, ran probably over a hundred combat sites, radars, mag, and ladar sites. What do we have to show for the work of about three weeks?

Roughly, 3.5 bil. In keeping with our normal operations, it comes out to be roughly 50-60% in minerals, and 45-50% in melted nanoribbons.

That isn't including any gas cloud fullerides, we're going to try to get back into the reacting business for those. And some of the minerals will be going towards our planned Archon and Revelation.

It's also not including any POS fuel I'll be selling off that I made above our needs, which will probably come to an extra 700 mil.

I am pretty satisifed with the return on our hard work. I'll post hard numbers when I get around to it, the price on buy orders for melted nanos has dropped too much for me to flood the market with the 200+ we have atm, so I'm watching the buy orders slowly rise again.


  1. o/ Ahoy There!

    Looks like this post did it for me! Damn you Heathen! I'll start training up my new guys and we'll make our re-appearance in the next month or so. Minus the carriers, you crazy, crazy man! Tengu and Shields are for men! Keep your armor *wink*

  2. If only I had trained shields and missiles like all the other fotm people. :)