Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy. Busy, Busy

We had another round of intergalactic wormhole highway yesterday AND the day before. When it rains scanning probes it pours them in here. Again, I suspect there's some sort of mechanic at work that is making this wormhole so much busier than our nice quiet Zombieland. I kept watching the DOTLAN tick up and up on the jumps while I was at work yesterday, frustrated at my inability to do nothing but watch. Thomas, who I was texting with about it said that he missed our nice quiet C2. *sigh*

Two days ago I managed to arrive home in time to find a PALADIN, of all things, poised to start stripping our system of combat sites. I spoke in local saying hi, and I got a convo from him immediately say "You shouldn't talk in local!" I replied that it was my wormhole, I think I might hold the right to speak in local, and that the carriers had both fighters and pilots. We then had about a half hour conversation about how I was too "passive" and should try to gank everyone. Hehe. I was called "too nice of a guy". I'm starting to hear that from alot of wormholers. I guess they're all used to people who want large numbers on their killboards, which I communicated to this gentleman that I wasn't interested in. I mean seriously, who likes spending 45 minutes combat probing someone jumping around the system just to have them jump out a K162 you didn't manage to find first? I sure don't.

In the wormhole, our two main conduits of isk are grav sites(minerals) and combat sites(melted nanos). I will, of course, fight to protect our sources of income. I told him it would have been a different story had I seen wrecks on scan or NPC kills on DOTLAN. Then I would have had blood in my eye.

So after a round of scanning, and Soulofchaos and Freethinker got on, all hell broke loose. Scanning ships briefly appeared on scan, probes were flying everywhere, it was insane! "Who's Iteron is that? Where'd it go? It freaking cloaked. I count 15 probes on scan. Who's Proteus is that? We don't OWN a Proteus!!"

The Paladin ended up being part of a wormhole corp that had just gotten set back up in a C6 that was connected to us, and they had been using us as a conduit for all their stuff. So in the end we had TWO K162s and both statics were open, and people were pouring in them like crazy. I'm incredibly lucky my corpmates got on, or it could have gotten bad.

Soul's Tengu, my Legion, and Freethinker in a Dominix held things down at a K162 while I poked Orcas through it and critted the first one, then closed the second one. Then I turned my attention to our open statics. I got them both closed with Orca Jesus power and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Then they got to work on a grav site and I logged off to chill out.

And then day two of International "Screw With Forgotten" week kicked off.

By the time I made it home yesterday, we had 18 jumps in the last hour, with like 30 for the day. Argh.

Again, my corpmates came through for me and we camped the K162 we had, I burned it away, a Cheetah and a Helios appeared, and they decided to head out our C3 static while I was jumping Orcas through it, and managed to trap them on the C3 side. They may have lived there, I don't know. I didn't care. The ordeal was over.

We welcomed Freethinker's brother, Jared Knight, to the corporation yesterday. He had came into the wormhole the day prior, but had been in another corp, and had to wait 24 hours to drop roles. I thought I had set the POS correctly so it wouldn't shoot him, and he warped in. I had given him an incorrect forcefield password on accident, and as he sat in space outside the field, the POS started targetting him. In a few seconds, his hulk was scrammed, damped and noised to death.

I had shut all the guns off just in case I didn't know what I was doing. Imagine that.

Thankfully he lived through it, and I can turn all the guns back on again. Welcome to the corp guys!


  1. Zombieland is still nice and quiet and spawns sites faster than I can do them. :-)


  2. Duncan! Glad to hear it's going well in there. I knew I shouldn't have sold it! Curses!

    Okay, not really. :) This hole is keeping us on our toes, and I guess I could call it exciting.

    Hope it continues to go well in Zombieland for you. *sniff*