Monday, April 18, 2011

Corp Mining Op & Russians!

I'm sure I've mentioned that I LOVE a good mining operation. This Friday, a few of us managed to get together and mine out most of an Unexceptional Frontier Deposit. We managed to pull in all the ABC ore, and our new corp member, Freethinker, managed to kill off a Dark Ochre roid all by himself the past couple of days! Overall it was a half a bil endeavor, thanks to our Rorqual making it so we no longer lose 25% of our minerals!

We've managed to keep all our statics closed, and our DOTLAN clear over the weekend, and no unexplained probes on scan, so I think we're back to being good again! No more Lokis lurking for us to do PI any more.

I think they've reset scanning back to pre-patch. I was having a hell of a time getting anything probed down. Now everything is back to giving me a Type after getting down to 2 or 1.0 AU. Wonderful. I can actually stand scanning the system down now.

I set up the last of the guns we had lying around from the five or six POSes we've had up over the last year, and we have a total of like 40 guns up now. Course there's only 10 online, along with all the ECM, but we look really scary! Going to buy a few more larges next time we are in Jita.

Had a Russian visitor named Tyranid Dady in the wormhole a few days back, running our radar sites. As soon as I logged people in, he warped off immediately. He then convoed me, and we had a neat conversation through Google Translator after I figured out which dialect he was using. He of course gave me the standard "I thought no one was running them, there were so many!" speech.

I asked him what his name was respresentative of, of which I was pretty sure already, and he said "I play Warhammer Tabletop". My main Warhammer 40k army is Tyranids. Seriously lol. So I wasn't going to really try to hard to get this guy if he really was leaving our hole.

But he gave me advice about leaving the carriers floating in the POS shield, and told me not to do it. He explained that it would lure certain corps or alliances in solely to siege the POS and get killmails on the carriers.

My first response was "Well if they want them that bad, then they're going to do it anyway.", but he had a point. But it runs counter to why they are here in the first place: to make most sane and rational people think twice about running sites in our system. And I think it does work. We've had alot of 1 or two jumps on Dotlan, and no sites run. I know if I peek into a wormhole and see type "Carrier" on Scan, I'm done looking at that hole. I can't fathom running sites alone and having people log in their carrier people. I guess I just don't have the guts or the confidence to do that yet. Of course it would be a russian that would. I swear they have a special PvP course for russians when they log in.

I've never met a russian industrialst, have you? o.0

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