Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Isolated Core Deposits....

So we left a Ladar site, didn't warp to it, because people say it's best to leave at least one site so your wormhole doesn't go completely dry and will spawn more sites easier. Well, turns out someone must have come into our hole and warped to it, cause it's gone.

And in it's place spawned a grav site....except it's an Isolated Core Deposit that damages ships. It's reported it hits for 1000 dmg. I'm about to go see in a cruiser how much it is in a Class 1......I'm crossing my fingers that the reported 1k damage is for a higher class wormhole, cause no way my Retrievers, or maybe even my Covetors can tank that.

Will report.


  1. lol its EM and c1 = 500 every what..30 seonds..

    I tank it in a badger with no modules.-alezka

  2. Yep, figured that out eventually. No one bothered to ever post that in any of the wormhole related sites.