Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Profit, but no exit.

Well, I've had alot of peace and quiet lately since I read about a theory concerning your wormhole exits. That theory is that if you don't warp to them, they won't actually open to the outside. Of course, this doesn't take two things into account. One, that people can open entrances on their own by scanning. And two, you can't know which WH is your static, and which is a wormhole with tech 2 cruisers spilling out of it.

But, I've bookmarked a single wormhole for the past five days, and it's stayed right where it started, and it's the only one, so I know it's my static low sec WH.

I went ahead and warped to it yesterday, hoping to have a few jumps to some trade hub, since I'm sitting on a growing pile of 600 mil worth of minerals. No dice, over 30 jumps to any trade hub. So I ran Retrievers through it til it went critical. No one has come through since.

One thing to note that is in favor of the "warp to" theory, when I did warp to the hole, it was still "will not last another day", which is what this static starts at. So it seems that WHs only start their life cycles when someone warps onto the grid with them. Five days of watching it on a scanner almost prove this. I'll be keeping track of the next one I leave alone.

So more mining. I was always so engrossed with the more profitable ABC ores(Arkonor, Bistot, Crokite) that I didn't notice that the high sec ores are severely under-represented. To the point that building battleships, as is our goal, is almost impossible. Veldspar roids are only in the 200k, at most, and far apart. I've got 350k zydrine, but only 5 mil in trit. Enough for one BS, and some of that was trucked in.

So I'm wasting time mining out the high sec ores, really. I've decided my time is better spent getting the more expensive ores, and buying and hauling the other materials I need, although having only a static low sec restricts my hauling to our blockade runners, or scouting. Which, as my previous Impel loss points out, is not fool proof.

Oh well, good with bad in wormholes.

Forgotten Heathen Out.

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