Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2nd POS, 2nd Wormhole!

Well, forget that isolated core crap. We moved into a new Class 1 with a Cataclysmic Variable and Low Sec static.

We got lucky and the exit was in Otou, one jump from Hek. So we pounced! Our new Amarr Large Control Tower is set up and we're rolling!

Nick has requested battleships to spawn the rare Talocan ships, as he got one last night, so I'm jumping back to get the Large Ship Assembly Array before our exit pops! It's a race.

We've kept the other POS up as it's got weeks worth of fuel in it, see if it respawns enough sigs to make heading back there for awhile worth it. Might be able to make this a regular switch. Only time will tell.

More as it happens.

Forgotten Heathen Out.

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