Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nudists Move In

Well, today was a good and bad day for us in the wormhole.

I had a great start on mining today, finishing ABCs on one field and starting on the rest since I'm going to be manufacturing Battleships, even more so now.

I almost filled the corp array and had to online the second one I put up, but I was rudely interrupted by some Sisters scanner probes on my directional. I packed up and headed to the POS to see what was going on.

So, I started scanning and trying to chat with the newcomers in local, but to no avail. All my talking was ignored as they blissfully scanned. I ended up scanning down our new Low sec static, and found a stealth bomber at it. So I guessed that they had been looking for an exit. So they must be from another wormhole. I scanned it down, and found a Loki, a Cormorant, and a Manticore.

Hmm, two stealth bombers, not exactly what you use to run sites or make a run into hunches proved right when I jumped into their system to find more ships waiting, with a mobile warp disruptor. It really is time for us to pick some of those up...

I jumped back into our wormhole and they attempted to lock me, but I cloaked first. They then proceeded to run almost all of our combat sites....

Luckily, Nick did half of them last night, netting us 44 melted nanoribbons which I had already been to Jita to sell, leaving the corp wallet back up near half a bil. Woot. But I digress.

There ended up being seven active ships and two stealth bombers guarding our exits, which left my only travel to cloakers.

I managed to get a Retriever in under their noses as they did the combat sites, and ran down their mass allowance a little, but it was 500 mil, which is a tough job for a lone retriever, and they chased Nyslia off anyway, but I was warp stabbed.

I decided to head to Jita to do some more shopping for a more PvP appropriate ship, coming back with a Retribution, and finding a massive battleship fleet PLUS a carrier guarding the gate into our low sec system. I waited patiently, which they were not, and when I saw them jumping on the cloaker, I undocked and flew through right under their noses as they jumped the wrong way.

Heading back in, the stealth bomber there decided he didn't want any of the Retribution, and I logged off at the POS for awhile.

Upon returning an hour or so later, I found no one but my corp in the hole, so I quickly reconned the other side of the hole and found it quiet. I brought the Retriever back and quickly jumped it through a couple times, and it was already at "Has had", and jumped my battlecruiser as well. An Osprey arrived and jumped through, saw what he was chasing, and headed back home. One more jump in the Retriever and the hole went critical....and an enemy jumped in behind me! I was praying for the hole to close on him so I could pummel him to death for their insolence, but no dice. He jumped back through, and the hole sits at critical now.

I'm feeling like I broke even today with the ore and salvage haul, but then with these jackasses poaching in our wormhole.No one has any honor in Eve, and I need to get used to it. I didn't lose any ships today, and that's a good day.

Forgotten Heathen Out.

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