Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wormhole Space.....Or Lack Thereof

Well, we've been in this wormhole for about a week now....and there's nothing to do. We have a wormhole high sec exit and a Ladar site we're leaving. That's it. Everyday we get a couple combat sites, but we're in a Class 1, so they're extremely easy. I've just been plugging away at PI and POS fuel, and scanning and hoping for another grav site.

I've come to the conclusion that either this wormhole was cleared out before the seller sold it to me, or his client cleared it out before he left. Oh well. It had ten sites when we got here, but that includes wormhole exits.

So while scanning out a low sec exit we had the other day, we happened upon another wormhole. It's a Class 1 with Cataclysmic Variable. Upon entering, I ascertained there is no POS inside, and it has over 20 combat sites, NINE grav sites, and numerous others. So, what we're planning is to leave this POS in our POS fuel producing hole and start up another large POS in the other. So far it looks like all it has is a static low sec, but I did see a high sec one day, so we'll just have to make sure we use our high sec spots well.

Took down the Large Ship array and the Refining array and shuttled a bunch of gear out from a wh that was six jumps from my base in Yuzier.

Hopefully this new wormhole will be more interesting. We've recovered about 300 mil of our 1 bil investment so far. We'll be sinking a further 200 mil or so into another large POS. It certainly hasn't turned into a money fountain like it used to be for people, but I'm optimistic.

Forgotten Heathen Out.

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