Thursday, August 5, 2010

Much Ado About Scanners

Well, I was all nice and happy mining away on rich roids yesterday when five Sisters probes popped onto my Directional. So got everyone safe to the POS, got out my combat ships and both of us scanned with combat probes...and got nothing. He was in a cloaked Buzzard. We finally managed to catch sight of him and Nick correctly concluded he was German and said "Guten tag" in local.

This got a reaction from the prober, who convoed him,(he wouldn't talk in local, he said later, as I had tried to speak to him in English). Nick used Google translator and got that he was from a wormhole next door, so we hurridly scanned down his WH exit. It ended up being a Class 4 with a Carrier and active pilots. This did not look good.

The pilot kept claiming he was "practicing" on probing out all our sites, as we could see the probes moving about on our directional but there was nothing we could do about it. Sure you are buddy. If he chose to warp to every sig and make all our sigs pop, we could see no option.

So I told him to tell him we were going to close his WH and he ought to get back into it. We dragged our Ishtar and Damnation to the hole and sat on it, while I drove a Retriever, a Myrmidon and a Harbinger through it til it went critical.

He never came back after that. So I guess that option worked.

So how does everyone else deal with rampant scanners that might screw you out of all your sigs?

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  1. Well it seems like you've managed to find holes that have lots of activity. Maybe I am lucky, but I seem to have gotten a pretty dead hole traffic wise.

    Ive been in for over three months, c2 with no bonuses, static low, faction large POS with a carrier parked inside deathstarred to hell, people tend to leave us alone.

    The only people who even stay in the system for any extended period of time are usually friendlies, almost always from other WH's. I'll admit that c4 wh entrance does make me a bit un-easy, and theres a very small percent chance a WH could open thats large enough to allow a carrier in, until that day, I just keep scanning :)