Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Experiment Successful and Surprise!

So there's a day left on the fuel in my Class 2 Amarr Small Control tower. Yesterday I cashed in everything I had earned so far......and made 251 mil! 50 million into the profit margin! Woohoo!

Today I came up with another 100 mil or so in more loot, so no complaints about this hole atm. I'm calling this experiment successful.

We had two surprises in our wormholes happen yesterday. First was the ambush and subsequent destruction of Nick's Damnation, the first ship we've lost since we began our wormhole endeavor.

Nick noticed three Buzzards scanning in our hole, scanned down the wormhole they came from, and headed over in the Damnation to see about getting it to critical. On his flight there, he saw a Legion on his directional, and as soon as he landed, he tried to get back to the POS. No dice, and 13 ships uncloaked and smashed him. Apparently they had actually been lying in wait for him, and the scanners were bait? It was a strange situation. They had Prototype cloak fitted Harbingers for heaven's sake.

That's an awful lot of trouble to go through to just get a Damnation kill, but they didn't do any of ours sites, and the hole closed with no further encounters. Nick picked up a Sacrilege to replace the Damnation, so he'll work with that for now.

The second interesting set of texts I received from Nick while at work begain like this.

Nick: There's an Orca in the high sec hole(meaning the high sec static hole)
Me: WHAT? How? How did it get there???
Nick:Don't know, I have to get combat scanners to find it.
Me: Is there a POS set up?
Nick:No new POSes in system.

As I completely wracked my brain to figure out where he came from, Nick texted "There's a corpse next to it, the Orca is named "Dead Cat: Needs Home".

Yeah, that sounds like he was stuck. He probably missed us being logged in by a couple hours, even half an hour.

On my way out of work, it hit me how I thought he was there. My hypothesis was that he belonged to the corp that we had bought the wormhole form, but he hadn't been logged in since we had bought it, and he had been forgotten. Because there's no way to fly an Orca into a Class 1 wormhole, it had to have been built there.

So we pulled our new found Orca into our POS, and today the frozen corpse logged on.

Upon being asked if he had lost a dead cat, he explained what had happened.

Turns out he had been with a group of people that had found an abandoned POS in the wormhole we now inhabit. In this POS was an Orca that this group of friends had asked him to come fly out of the wormhole. Well, those of us that live in wormholes know there's no way out. So this guy logged out six months ago, thinking he'd get back to this character holding onto this wealth. He logs in six months later, can't find a way out, and decides to call it time to head to the next clone.

And we got a free Orca out of the deal!

Only in Eve would you find a crazy story like this.

Forgotten Heathen Out.

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