Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Ship Loss

Well, I had my first ship losses today: two Retrievers. Not that much of a loss, considering I almost lost a pod.

I had a group from a Class 2 adjacent come in and start running a combat site while I was at one in my Zealot and my new Devoter. I started talking to them in local, and they said they were heading out since it was occupied, which I knew that was bullshit, since they had to have seen my POS. But they were on their way. Or so I thought.

I located the wormhole entrance they had come from, and put two retrievers through it while I watched it with my Cov Ops. As soon as I entered, all their ships showed back up on my side. They started smacktalking, which I'm still not sure why. But who knows why in Eve. They proceeded to close their wormhole. I was then aghast to realize the hole was End of Life anyhow. What a mistake I had made!

So I tried to get the two retrievers back through, but they put up a warp bubble on their side and trapped the retrievers in it. A Purifier then proceeded to slowly destroy one, then attempt to kill the pod. He got close, but I got through because I didn't lose my head. Pod escaped the other side as well.

My other Retriever went through to be shot to hell, and I was slow to get the pod moving, but got it out anyhow.

So more smacktalk ensued, of course, none of it making much sense. I realized then that English was not the primary language of some of them, and one of them told me he hoped I learned my lesson.

I'm a bit confused by this, of course. Did they think I was mining in their system with two retrievers? I mean, they were pretty newbish, and only one of their characters had over a year ingaame, but honestly, what did they think I was doing other than trying to close their hole?

Oh well, I'm going to replace the Retrievers with a couple Hulks anyhow since I have the new Dead Cat, Needs Home. Got to also go salvage the wrecks they left behind....they were in an awful hurry to get out of there for the huge amount of smacktalk they were doing.

But that's Eve!

On my way to Jita now to dump 100 mil worth of Melted Nanos and other parts!

Forgotten Heathen Out!

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