Thursday, September 30, 2010

New C2-S

Well, we went and bought a new Class 2 wormhole with Static High Sec and Static C2. We paid 300 million isk for it and I've already made most of it back in doing the combat sites. This is the wormhole we always wanted. Easy to get to high sec, a standby hole to do other sites when ours run low, and all POS fuels in one WH. What a great place to move on to from our low sec static class 1 where all my grief seems to come from.

And then a new Class 2 comes on the market. Static high sec, no static to another wormhole, which we can live without since it does bring in more unwanted guests. The PI in it is a ton better, with 4 P4 products, 15 P3s, and all the POS fuels, of course.

So what's so great about this hole that is has me writing a blog about it?

It's my dream wormhole.

Interred inside this Class 2 are a Thanatos Carrier AND a Moros Dreadnought.

But, you might say, Forgotten, isn't that overkill?

My response is: HELL YES IT IS!! Only the most dedicated Russian fleet is going to dig you out of this wormhole kicking and screaming. And they're going to take some damage as well.

And the asking price is dirt cheap, pretty much mineral cost. Throw in the large POS they are using along with a months worth of fuel? I'm sold.

Just got to work my butt off for the next week or so to meet their asking price. After that we'll probably be moving completely out of the C1s and into the C2s only.

Moving on up!

Forgotten Heathen Out!

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