Monday, October 4, 2010

Vacation and Empty Wormholes

Well, I recently made a 8 hour trip to see a friend of mine who lives in Europe who is visiting the states, leave my three wormholes mostly un-attended since my corpmates log in nowhere near as much as me or as they used to. So fueled them up and headed out.

While at the hotel, I checked the DOTLAN on them, and found a Ship kill and over 70 sleeper kills! What in the heck had occured? A Russian fleet invasion, another Hulk loss?

I got home the next day and found out we had a high sec opening into our low sec static wormhole. It opened into Dodixie, of all places. There were even Sleeper Wrecks and cargo containers on my scan. WTF.

So, in the end, we'll probably never know what happened. A huge influx of carebears and pirate oppurtunists came in and cleaned us out, and some of them got cleaned out on their way, it seems.

And the floating BSes and HACs didn't seem to disturb any of them, if they even bothered to hit scan.


Forgotten Heathen Out.

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