Friday, October 22, 2010

YAY Sweet Arkonor How I Missed You!

So back to mining! Taking in all the costly lessons I've learned the past while, my mining set up looks like this now.

One Orca as Wing Commander, boosting from POS.

One Armageddon as Squad Commander or in similarly scary ship

Four Hulks with shield tanks. Numerous Mining Drones.

One Iteron V flying back and forth constantly.

With this setup I cleared a Class 2 Common Perimeter Deposit of everything except high sec ores in two hours. My refinery is happily chewing away at it, and the minerals are piling up.This will be the first serious isk we've gotten out of the Class 2s so far.

Selling my Class 1 plus Orca for 400 mil. It's going to a fellow miner/industrialist, so I'm glad they'll get lots of use out of it! Hopefully this deal goes off better than my last one did!

Still doing a bit of the fueling dance, but hopefully I'll get rid of the low sec hole as well and be down to two holes again. Oh I long for those days when I thought I had it bad fueling only two POSes in two holes!

Sounds like rain at the window, better check all the windows.

Forgotten Heathen out!

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