Monday, October 25, 2010

How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of An Arkonor Asteroid?

So I've got a full fleet of six hulks out atm, all on an arkonor roid. I am boosted by an Orca with good skills, not perfect, so I'm at a 135 second cycle time.

So how many cycles to fill a can?



That's right, one cycle produces 1693 Arkonor with Strip Miner 1s with a mostly perfect mining fleet. Orca is still sitting in the POS shield. I can barely keep up.



  1. And confused when I started getting shot by Sleepers that I cleared from this site yesterday....wierd, it really did respawn completely.

  2. And now there are Combat the scanner ship! Oh look, there's a new Unknown. Time to get out the Mobile Large Warp Disruptors....

  3. Gd it, ANOTHER K162 to High Sec. Guess I might as well use it to sell stuff huh? Let's see where it leads....

  4. 27 Jumps to Jita, ouch. Oh well, otw.

  5. Estimated profit from this haul is 579 mil according to eve-central numbers! We'll see.