Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That Did Not Go As Planned....

So the seller of the class 2, let's call him Slim, finally paid enough attention to our chat window that he got online long enough to try our transaction. Up til this point I thought I had a good rapport going with him. I borrowed some isk from my corpmate, Thomas, to purchase the fighters with the carrier. The transaction came out to be 1.7 billion isk for the wormhole, carrier, dreadnought and POS.

So I managed to secure another third party for the transaction. Slim sent me a pack of bookmarks and I headed there with the corp capital ship alt. I arrived with a Small Amarr POS which I started setting up immediately. Slim started taking down his POS and let me drop the Moros in my force field. I noticed immediately that the alt couldn't shoot any of the guns and mentioned that the alt was only skilled enough to sit in the ship, and actually switched the alt's training so that he could at least fire the dread's guns in the future.

Everything else went fairly smoothly as we moved ships and POS modules, until we hit a speedbump. One of the POS guns wouldn't unanchor. Slim said it was due to a bug in that the crystal wouldn't come out. I was slightly suspicious, but like I said, I had a decent rapport with this guy, so we just went on.

Then the 3rd party said he had to log off. From here things went downhill.

It's no fault of the 3rd party, he said that we should send him an email to let him know the transaction was finished and he would then release the funds. Being the nice guy I am, I told him to go ahead and release the funds, as I had control of both capital ships at the time and was satisified with the transaction. The 3rd party actually cautioned me against this, but I went ahead and had him release the funds anyhow.

So fast forward an hour later when Slim tries to unanchor the POS. He can't do it because of the gun. He asks me to bring the carrier over and help kill it. Sure, I had no problem helping him out. I stress that I was helping him, because this is what came back to bite me in the ass. My helpful nature. It was not my responsibility to help him do anything.

So with him in a Deimos and my cap alt in the Thanatos carrier, we get the gun into structure, and then it just stops taking damage pretty much. I guess POS guns are practically invulnerable in structure to Fighters and Railguns. So SLim says to go get the Moros.

I fly off to my POS to get the Dread, when he mentions that he'll need the carrier there too to online the fittings that went offline when I put the alt in it. So at this point he is ackwoledging that modules are offline due to the alt not being able to fly them. This is important for later accusations.

So of course, I say sure, and start warping back with the carrier, actually planning on leaving the carrier there, going back to get the Dread, and hoping back in the carrier. Yeah, I'm that trusting. He could have used the dread to blow my POS to smithereens.

So on the way back in warp with the carrier he says "TENGU!" in our chat. I'm already in warp, nothing to be done about it. I land and launch as many fighters as I can, which is 8. I start in one a Hurricane and take it's shields down quickly. Now remember, this is my first time even sitting in a carrier, let alone fighting anything, let alone PvP! The Hurricane warps off with my fighters chasing it in warp. The Tengu kills Slim and Slim's alt and warp scrams me as I'm trying to align for warp.

I call back my fighters, and two Curses arrive and start neuting me. I look down and read chat. Slim tells me to turn on one cap armor repper and log off. That's it. That's all he tells me. One armor repper and log off.

So instead of trying to fight to get out of scramming, I follow his advice and log off. Slim says I'll be fine, the carrier can tank these guys fine. Okay.

Five minutes later there's a Gallente Elite Carrier wreck. So what happened? He asks me if all the modules were online. I say no, of course they weren't, the alt didn't have the skills. So I send him the killmail because he can't understand why the carrier died. Slim says he'll see what he can do about restitution and he logs off and I wait to see if the gang attacks my small POS or tries to put up their own. They laugh about the kill in local and that's all that happens. Standard Eve practice.

I log in the next day, Slim convos me. He then proceeds to tell me the carrier dying was my fault. I told him he knew the alt could only sit in the capitals, and couldn't fight them. He then claimed that I had actually taken modules off the carrier. And that's why the carrier got killed.

I was pretty stunned and I was mad. I mentioned that he had been the one who told me to leave only he cap armor repper going and log off! I even asked him again if he meant only the one armor repper when I logged the alt off!!

So he took no responsibility for what happened. Sure, the gang was probably not a bunch of mercs he hired to get a kill and some of the modules back from the caps. He had been pressuring me pretty good about paying extra for all the stuff, and I relented on the fighters, having to borrow money against a corpmate for them. He said he wanted another 100 for some faction modules, which he then said he'd throw in for free. There were no faction modules on either cap ship that I saw.

And it just so happened that one gun needed both the capitals there to kill to unanchor the POS.

Honestly, no, I don't think he orchestrated the whole thing and it turns out to just be a fluke of Eve. A random event that makes you think something else entirely is going on.

So after the arguement about him not taking any responsibility for the carrier loss, I said, forget about the carrier. There's a large POS that I need unanchored, that I paid for. And I would hate to have to post that it looked like he hired a bunch of mercs to get capital ship modules back. He then decided that our business was concluded because I got my money's worth out of just having the dreadnought.

So there's probably an alt of his logged off in here, and someday I can assume that his POS is going online unless I get some combat ships in here to take it down.

So much for any honesty in eve. Again, yet another expensive lesson I learn from Eve; never ever trust anyone. Ever.

And when you do wormhole transfers, if you buy a POS or anything, let them do all the work so they are responsible. It's the seller's responsibility to see that you get everything you paid for in the agreement. And always listen to the 3rd party and his suggestions. It could have saved me alot of money and alot of grief.

Thanks Slim, for griefing me. I guess you showed me.


  1. Followed the link from the thread on forums. Clearly neither of you understood game mechanics well enough to be scamming the other, so I wouldn't worry about that. What ever happened with the Moros and the small POS? Were those killed, too?

    Next time, I'd suggest that you just bring your own large POS, set it up before he takes his down, and move the modules over to the new POS one by one. Slim could take his own tower away when he leaves. A small POS is way too fragile, a single battleship could destroy it in an inconvenient time zone, just to steal the Moros. When you have a static to highsec, you're going to have to expect lots of unfriendly traffic.

    On the bright side, you still have the wormhole and a dreadnought. The Moros will let you keep anyone else from moving in. You got the whole thing for about the price of a dreadnought anyway, so you didn't do too badly. You can make back the ISK.

  2. Sure, you're absolutely right. I don't think he set out to scam me at all. At least I think. I guess there's always going to be that....hmmmm. I wonder kind of feeling. But, doubtful.

    The Moros and the small POS are fine. The reason I had a small POS is because the seller talked me into spending the last 200 mil I had access to on the fighter sets for the carrier. I only had the money for a small, and I was supposed to be getting the large POS that he was unanchoring, so that was the plan.

    Yep, I can make back the isk. All I'm annoyed about is him not at least attempting to live up to his side of the bargain, even exempting the fact I got the carrier killed trying to help him conclude his transaction with me.

    There is indeed a large POS in it now and I'm going to chock this up as a learning experience, which everything in Eve is.

    But let the buyer beware.

    Yes, it's probably too much to expect in Eve, but you got to keep holding out a small hope that the game you're playing has at least a few shining examples of humanity in it.