Monday, October 25, 2010

Back On Track!

Whew, I can feel Evelife simmering down to a decent level now.

Back to mining, did another Grav site, this time an Ordinary Perimeter Deposit. Cleared all the ABCDGHH, and left it to check the next day. And it respawned.

The whole site.


Anyone ever had this happen before? I'm a bit confused as I was expecting one roid, and got the whole site back. I'm not going to complain, jumping in a Hulk now!

One thing I want to make perfectly clear if you want to be left alone in your wormhole to do your thing, and I've verified it numerous times now.

Static wormholes(non K162) do not open unless you warp to them!

This is, by far, the best way to give yourself a couple of days alone without interruption by combat probes. Sure, you'll get a K162 opening from anywhere every now and then, which is either random or certain wormhole clusters have certain timers, but by managing your statics you can make sure all that wormhole isk is going into your pocket, and not that gank lolz squad that came in from the high sec opening you scanned cause you needed a skillbook. Don't open that static unless you need it.

So due to proper static management, I've managed a few days of unmolested mining, and last night, Nick blasted through over half our combat sites and cleared 50 nanoribbons, for a profit of over 300 mil! WOOT GO NICK! Coupled with the minerals I have sitting here waiting to go out, we have 500 mil awaiting Jita.

But I've got three days more on my lowest POS fuel, so I'm going to sit on it unless another POS starts screaming. It'll give me more time to mine without an over abundance of fear of combat probes.

Of course, I'm still scanning, there are still Russians out there.

Forgotten Heathen Out!

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