Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Which We Need A Cap Pilot ASAP!

So we've been in discussions with another corp to purchase their wormhole, including a Thanatos carrier and Moros Dreadnought. Well, I obviously wasn't thinking ahead enough: we need a cap pilot for the transfer!

For some reason I thought the ship could just be left in a POS Ship Maintenence Array and we could anchor our POS around it, but that's silly, we couldn't open the array except to blow it up! So I started freaking out, and contacted a number of cap third party pilots, and quizzed my corpmates if they knew someone who could fly said capital ships.

Lo and behold, Thomas, our third corp member, has been training an alt of his just for Gallente cap ships. Whew. All he needs is the Cap Ships and Gal Dread skills...ouch. That set us back 450 mil, so we'll have to make that up on our goal to 1.5 bil for the hole.

So with that crisis averted, I switched to our other new C2 and started farming with my Zealot, Nick's Zealot, and my alt in a Devoter.

And then I got the Zealot destroyed. Whoops.

I guess I had my music up too loud, and he either got caught on something and that killed his speedtank, or he just was head-on with the BS I was fighting. I tried to warp him out as soon as I noticed he was about to go into hull. No dice.

Oh well, I'll replace that later, I have a spare in the other C1. He has all the skills to fly the Abaddon that's in here, so I'll stick him in that for now.

The melted nano drop has been wretched the past couple of days, but I guess I've been spoiled. Only about 100 mil worth per day the last couple, with lots of dry sites. I'm also impatient,I must say, trying to get the cash together for our next major corp purchase.

Looking into T3 ship production next, so throw any ideas out on that, if anyone is actually reading. Thanks if you are!

Forgotten Heathen Out!

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