Friday, October 29, 2010

Lead Farmers Are Slow As Lead

I had a trap sprung on me today, to little effect to my side. Obvious trap was obvious, as they say.

I had a guy in a Helios come in just as I happened to warp to my B274 high sec static in a prorator, I was just checking to see if it was there. That could have went badly, and I guess it's a lesson learned that I actually didn't have to pay dearly for.

So I dropped and anchored two large modile warp disruptors on the hole and warped away.

So I engaged the Helios pilot in conversation, all he said was "oh hai". I told him that this wasn't a good wormhole to scan in, and to please vacate. I then checked his profile and noticed he had been a memeber of Eve University a few months prior. Being a former alumni, I told him that since he had beeen an Eve member, he was free to leave peacefully.

Two hours later, after leaving my few people logged in, so he must have assumed I was the only person logged on. I did some painting, cleaned the house, etc. I sat back down and noticed a Vexor on scan. I jumped in my new Pilgrim and headed over to the wormhole. Sure enough, the same guy was sitting there with Hammerhead IIs out.

Hmm. This smells funny.

So I headed back, popped into my Zealot, my Devoter, and my Myrmidon and warped over to the edge of the warp disruption field. I targetted him on all my characters and his response was to send his Hammerheads for me. Alright, game on I guess.

I settled in to a decent long range, barely inside the warp bubble, and quickly got the Vexor into armor, then a nudge into structure and he jumped out. Before he did, the WH pulsed and a Raven jumped in. Hmm, obvious trap is....small.

So I started to engage the Raven, while moving my ships back outside the range of the bubble.

The wormhole started pulsing like crazy with incoming ships. Yep, time to head out of here.

So I gang warped us away, with the Devoter slightly being warp scrammed, but either I slipped out of range or he was just too slow. Another Raven, an Armageddon, a Dominix, a Scorpion, an Abaddon, a Phobos, and the Vexor all jumped in. Not a single fast tackler amongst the fleet. Fail.

I quickly calculated their mass displacement, and a single jump home for all of them was all the WH had left after 861 mil mass had gone through it. I did log in every single combat character I had, including the Moros dreadnought, which was already out and on scan. I figured they were lingering around just to see if I came back(why in the hell would I?).

They destroyed both my large warp disruptors in a fit of rage and exited the wormhole. I had Gnicklas outside in the Impel, waiting to come back in, so I taunted them a bit about better luck next time, and headed back to my home, with a critical wormhole behind me that will keep out anyone else for it's lifetime.

Thanks Lead Farmers!

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