Thursday, September 23, 2010


So.....when you don't respect the wormhole, it bites you. Hard.

I was mining with four hulks, two covetors and a boosting battlecruiser. I made the mistake of leaving the squad commander at the POS while he was boosting. BIG mistake.

I was hitting Scan, but as told in many wormhole horror stories, someone slipped in between them. I was outfitting ships or moving the hauler back and forth. My attention was not fully focused on the wormhole, and it taught me a lesson I thought I had known.

Obviously I had forgotten.

The first notion I had something was wrong was when something moved up my overview, denoting something closing the distance on me. Focusing on it I saw a yellow highlighted name. I believe the words "Oh no, shit shit shit, oh no no no!" came out of my mouth repeatadly.

I began switching screens, hitting warp. I managed to get two ships free, but four ships, three hulks and a Covetor got caught and destroyed by a Russian gang that only wanted passage to low sec. On top of that, their extremely fast targetting Arazu caught all the pods. So all four of my characters were podkilled.

And then they asked where the low sec exit was.

"Gee, I can scan it down for you." I said, hoping to lure them into some sort of trap I could prevail against a Broadsword, Arazu and a Drake. One of my corp mates logged in and they didn't take the bait, so we spent the next hour sneaking Retrievers back the way they had come. It was fairly obvious they were making some sort of kspace run. We finally managed to pop their C5 entrance back from whence they came, at least adding some grief for the huge amount they had visited upon us.

A Gallenete shuttle kept trying to give a Drake a can, what we assume was for a wormhole bookmark, and Gnicklas kept torpedoing it with our Purifier stealth bomber. We sure got a kick out of that. But it was little consolation.

In the end, they shot all the wrecks and destroyed all my jet cans of ore.

It made me think of something a friend of mine said when I told him about the game.

"They should just call that game BASTARDS!"

So true.

In the future, we're currently moving into a new Class 2 wormhole. Adventures in it to come soon!

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