Monday, August 23, 2010

Fluctuating Coolant and Class 2s No One Wants

Well, had a really busy week around the house, so alot less Eve playing.

Got back in and found the price of coolant has dropped significantly, so the whole coolant run is mostly over. We're continuing to produce for whatever we can get for it.

we had a Class 2 WH entrance open up the other day and lo and behold, it was empty! I and Nick headed in and scanned it all down, and found a SECOND unoccupied Class 2 wormhole. The first WH had a static high sec, and the second one had a static low sec and class 2. The second one also had 18 combat sites. So I decided to try an experiment.

I spent 200 mil on ships and a small POS, ship maint, and corp array. I bought a Harbinger, salvage dessie, and a hauler.

I didn't want to risk too much, so I brought along a week worth of fuel to see if I could recoup my investment in that time on the combat sites. So far I've been a bit frustrated by how random the salvage actually is, since melted nanos are about the only thing worth any actual money anymore.

I'm Salvaging 5, using Salvager IIs, with three small salvage tackle rigs. I've killed 30+ ships in one site, gotten 2 nanos. I know it shouldn't be really super easy, but these sites are also kicking my ass alot of times. I'm going with an Omni tanked, 70s in every resist, dual armor repped, focused medium beams Harbinger. It's what I'm trained for, so it's what I use. But after reading for better fits, it seems I really already have the best wormhole harby fit.

I don't understand the disparity that Eve allows in alot of the racial ship differences. A armor tanked Harbinger cannot touch the resilience of a shield tanked Drake to solo wormholes. It's along the same lines as the Iteron V can carry as much as a T2 Impel.

Oh well, still having fun in wormholes.

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