Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Holy Giant Roids Batman!

Well, I got out the Retrievers yesterday and started by mining out the Arkonor and Bistot. It took me many hours, so I'm thinking of putting some Hulks in here with me, even if they can't get out. Ran the Intensive Refining Array, had no idea you can only do one ore type at once! No wonder no one mines out entire sites, it would takes days to refine!

So I came in today to finish off my Crokite roid, and lo and behold, found a new Spodumain. Hmm, I don't remember two.....wtf it's 70k! I guess it's one of the rare spawning roids things that happens that I've read about. Well I can confirm it. I'm busy mining it, and it'll probably take all day just to do it, if I even finish it!

I had ALOT of wormhole traffic yesterday, so I scanned down my new entrance and found....Rayeret??? Rayeret is the first system in which the static high sec was when I bought the hole. The chances are pretty astronomic that it just happened to spawn here again. Could I have a revolving static wh entry???

I got tired of seeing ships on scan, so I gathered all my largest ships on five accounts and headed to the WH and got it to critical. No more visitors. :)

We had two Class 2 wh entries two days in a row, so I thought maybe it was a static, but no joy on that, it's gone and nothing replaced it today. Oh well.

Rearranging PI to get the most efficiency I can out of it. I've never had the trouble of having too many raw materials before!

Back to mining my massive Spod.

Forgotten Heathen Out.

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