Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some of that Asteroids Profit thing I mentioned!

Well, spent some time mining yesterday. I normally mine a couple belts in my home of Usroh, and yesterday was no different.

Here's my standard mining op. I ran an Orca, three Hulks and two Retrievers. Normally I have access to another Hulk, but Nick has been off somewhere running some missions so we can all have access to jump clones.

I fill the ore hold and cargo bay, which amounts to 142km3 of space, I start jet canning with the hulks, and let the 'trievers finish the Orca off, then join them in on cans. Once I have an amount of cans in space I'm not comfortable with sitting there, I swap out a Hulk for a rigged Iteron and start hauling back to our POS. Once all the cans are down to one, I jump him back into the Hulk and start again. Rinse, repeat.

Today was really no exception, and after a couple of hours or so, I closed down the op, went and got my freighter, and jumped it all to my manufactory at Yuzier, three jumps away.

Total amount was near:

40 million Tritanium
4 million Pyerite
1 million Mexallon
500k isogen
200k Nocxium

So I put that in with all the minerals I already had and ran a bunch of manufacturing jobs I had to hold off on due to Hulkageddon, and decided to check mineral prices.

Prices weren't terrible, Pyerite had fallen, Trit was up .20 or so. Mexallon had also fallen. Well rats. So I took a trip over to Rens to see the mineral market there.....and was pleasantly surprised.

Isogen has gone up quite a bit since I looked at it last, and trit was priced pretty I loaded up the freighter with the majority of my trit and isogen and sold roughly 40 mil trit and 1.5 mil isogen for 170 million isk!

That's certainly my record for a mineral run, for sure.

I decided to head to Alakgur and try my hand at mining out the omber in all the fields, and ended up a 2 hour op, including jump times on all my ships, and sold all the minerals for about 50 mil. The difference in isk earned are due to a number of things, first, I spent less time mining and more time moving ships. Second, all the asteroids in this area of space are mined out alot, so they spawn very small. I was burning roids after just a couple cycles. That was the majority of my difference right there.

So I've concluded that I'll stick to my corner of roidspace, as I'm pretty happy with it. It respawns every day huge and happy, and almost no one contends me for it.

On a side note, I moved alot of my POS gear to Rens to sell, it's just not moving in Yuzier very fast, so I'll go for volume over price for a bit and see how that goes. We also saw the Corp Wallet breach the 1 billion mark! I've only seen it once before, when I spent 700 mil on the first Orca way back when.

Yay, now to see how long I can resist from spending it all!

Forgotten Heathen out!

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