Monday, July 12, 2010

PI and BPOs

When PI was coming out, I and my corpmate, Gnicklas, decided to purchase a number of the new POS related BPOs that we thought would be in relatively high demand.

We purchased:

* Ship Maintenance Array BPO

* Corporate Hangar Array BPO

* Advanced Mobile Lab BPO

That was to the tune of 300 million isk. We felt pretty good about those purchases and I've made about half of the isk back so far in selling the produced items themselves. I haven't managed to make any of the Adv Mobile Labs yet, as they take insane amounts of almost every Advanced PI good there is. But, I started making the missing commodities two days ago, so we'll see how it works into my existing production lines, which were set up for Ship Maint Array and Corp Hangars.

I am curious how all the other intrepid industrialists are doing their supply chains, so here's mine.

I currently own three accounts, all with Command Center 4 and Interplanetary Consolidation 4. (btw would love to hear from anyone who has CC V and how many extractors you can fit!)

My corpmate has two accounts, one with Command Center 4, the other with Three. We both have 10 planets each, all in a nearby lowsec pocket. We use his alt as a processor for all the raw materials, each planet of his processes four of the materials each. One of my alts has two planets for taking Processed Materials and turning them into Refined Commodities. My other alt then has two planets where I turn the Refined(Precious Metals, Silicon, Biomass, etc) into Specialized(Biocells, Livestock, Polyaramids, Transmitters) and then into Advanced Commodities.(Broadcast Nodes, Integrity Response Drones, Nano Factory, etc)

This system is of course turning out far more Advanced Commodities than I can use atm. I've run into small snags where I need more of one material over another, or run out of Proteins or Precious Metals, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with it and it's efficiency.

Of course, the one glaring issue is that all the raw materials are in lowsec. Everything else is in my home of Usroh. As you may have read, lowsec isn't going all that great due to my inexperience with it, and just terrible button pressing. So Star Defenders newest post caught my eye: Putting all the raw materials in a wormhole.

I'm still a fair wormhole newb, having never lived in one, only mined or did sites with my corpmate. I don't have any alts training up on scanning and PI, but now I'm considering it.

What with all the Hulkageddon going on, I'm spending alot of time scanning, looking for that perfect wormhole.

Forgotten Heathen Out.

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