Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Law of Averages

Well, again Murphy's Law caught up to me. Investigating a couple class 2 WHs today, one looked like it had a mining corp in it, so I decided to swing by the POS and get their corp name to maybe see if they would mind a second small mining corp in there with them.......

And I ran smack into a Warp Disruptor and got decloaked, right in front of tons of guns placed right around the Warp Disruptor. I survived two volleys with my Microwarpdrive going and a shield booster, but to no avail, and my trusty Anathema blew sky high. I winced, because I didn't know if POSes would pod you, and no one was on the turrets, so I managed to get away.

I guess I won't be asking Triton Manufacturing Corp if they would care for a neighbor. It's obvious they don't.

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