Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hulkageddon 3: Summer of No Mining

Well, I got my Orca back just in time to......NOT UNDOCK IT. Thus began Hulkageddon 3, a player run event that, while I am the express target of, is actually kind of cool. I've watched lots of macro miners go down, while Hulk and mineral prices continue to climb. And all the while I've been selling destroyers, frigates and fit modules to all the participants. So it's pretty profit for me!

Alas, I had scanned down a couple very nice Grav sites right before it went live, so I'll have to watch them despawn until after the festivities. I also won't be using the Orca to haul PI materials from my hisec lowsec drop off point. I lost one damn Orca to stupidity, I won't lose another to some random gang who just wants to kill any Orca they find.

I do find the hypocricy of the whole event interesting. I sit in the chat channel for the event all day, and see people lament about all the macro miners, and how great it is to kill them, and that if the Hulk moves if it's targetted or if it warps out, it's not a macroer. But is there a distinction drawn between Macroer and Non-Macroer? Not a chance. Miners are miners, and therefore, all targets.

So all my mining vessels, all four hulks and various retrievers, associated haulers and the Orca, are all docked up and safe til this event is over.

Favorite quote on the Hulkageddon channel so far:

"We should do this all the time!" random noob ganker

"Then you wouldn't have any ships to fly, moron." Me.

Oh, and a o/ to Dwarf Paladin, who I saw in Hulkageddon chat doing much the same thing I was. Had a nice chat with him, and want to say thanks for serving our country! Stay safe!

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