Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Orca Reborn

Well Nick came through with alot of cash he had lying around, liquidated it, and I bought an Orca BPC pack. What that entails is Blueprint Copies of enough components to create an Orca, plus the actual BPC for the ship itself. Cost me 140 mil. I burned through almost all of my existing stock of minerals, and had to fly a mining op to Alakgur in Minmitar space for the larger amounts of mexallon and isogen.

A single night of that and I'm...yes...just clicked the install button on the Orca blueprint! 5 days and sixteen hours til it's replaced, and at considerably lower prices than I thought I had lost. And I'm going to rig this one with Large Cargohold Optimization 2's. So if I have to do something over, I may as well do it better this time!

I've also been looking into wormholes again. I've scanned for months, and have only come across occupied C1-3s. Only unoccupied WHs I've found are 4s and up, which are not useable by me and my corp, as we don't have the ability to either defend from what can come in, and the Sleepers are just too much for us in those classes.

So I'm looking into buying a wormhole. Corps that are done with their WH at the moment and are looking to get out of the WH with some isk. Some want way too much, some are probably shady. The post that caught my eye was a corp selling a C1 wormhole, plus the three hulks stuck inside it. Obviously, this was my issue with a C1 WH, but one with three already in it? Awesome.

But they want 600 mil for the WH and the Hulks. That's a bit steep, and would break us at the moment. Til I get mining up and running, we won't have another large cash infusion short of selling more gear, which I don't want us to have to do.

So what is a WH actually worth?

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