Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ice and Omber

Well I must say today has been a pretty good day. I managed to set up my two Mackinaws and Orca in Thiarer and mine a month of POS fuel. We own a medium Amarr POS in Usroh, our own small corner of Ammatar space. It's pretty quiet out here, no stations, very few neighbors. It's perfect for my mining operations. No stations means very few people. The roids are pretty huge, I don't get any pirates, can flippers, or loot thieves. Pretty much we're left alone to our mining and research.

I bought another Mackinaw today. Finally broke down and spent 85 mil on a contract. But it'll come in handy the next time our fuel supplies get low. I don't like having to pay for anything, and try to be as self sufficient as possible. We've got a bunch of planets set up to produce the rest of our POS fuel, so that should payu off pretty nicely.

I, by myself, run an Orca and two Hulk setup when I mine. With Nick's two accounts, I can run four Hulks with the fleet boosting Orca. It's a setup I've dreamed of since I started Eve way back in just a Tormentor running to the station every trip, or jet canning and hoping no evil can flipper came my way so I could get my Bestower.

I and Nick have had aspirations of wormhole living for some time now, it just scares the bajeezus out of us to lose so much in the process if it all goes wrong. We've made many incursions into WH space, we've raided a few offline POSes, each a story in themselves. I've left a Hulk in J112420, if anyone found my wayward ship, please treat it well, it was my first Hulk, and a good ship. We've lost a T3 ship in a C3, alpha striked before any chance of escape. So we've been quietly watching for an empty C1 or C2 WH to call our own.

So far, we haven't found one. All are inhabited, and setting up a POS and having it taken apart in 24 hours is not something we're interested in experiencing either.

Scanned down a Large Kernite/Omber site, taking it apart at the moment. Found an empty C4 today, I was very surprised. No way we could take even one combat encounter in there. I'd love to mine it out, but would leave Nick bored to tears. Will keep looking.

Forgotten out.

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