Monday, June 28, 2010

RIP Orca

Well I have not had a good month on Eve, it seems. Was doing a lowsec run with my Bestower with a shuttle scout. Got two chars done, saw a heavy interdictor show up with a russian pilot, who always seem to be negative standings no matter what. So I decided it was time to cut it short. Got everything loaded into the Orca on high sec side, and started jumping people home.....

Except my orca, who I accidentally clicked jump on a lowsec gate I was sitting next to. Right into the arms of the heavy interdictor and every tom dick and harry flying by. I had a chance to get back to the gate, but of course, the lame ship bump is alive and well.

I tried to ransom, but everyone wanted the killmail on a ship that can't fight back, go figure. You'd think people with balls would want to kill stuff and have a good fight. Nope, appears large industrial ships are what everyone respects.....

I'm sure it was over a 500 million isk loss. This is certainly enough to make me quit. The Orca was the lynchpin in my entire mining operation, and of course, I never intended for it to go to low sec. Nick is going to see if we can come up with the cash from equipment lying around, but this may be it for awhile.

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  1. I paid for it with Trident Layers... it will be ok :)