Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And So It Happened....

Running my low sec planets for raw materials yesterday, I finally got caught at a gate and lost my 90 million isk Impel. Nothing in it, no reason to kill it. He got nothing out of it except a killmail. It's hard for me to reason why people get their jollies off on killing a defenseless ship, espicially with two battleships, but it's Eve.

I had scouted, but they jumped to the gate as soon as they saw me appear in local, so they caught my Impel as it jumped through and came uncloaked.

So now I have to work the loss off. Got started selling Corp Hangars and Ship Maint Arrays, so I'll get it back pretty fast, but the loss still stings for such a small operation.

Looks like I'll be pulling my operations out of Futzchag and looking for another lava planet.

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