Friday, July 16, 2010

More BPOs and Wormholes

Since Hulkageddon is still going on, although it does finally end this weekend, I've been doing alot of scanning. In that scanning I've come across many wormholes, every one of them with at least one occupant.

We're a really small corp, there's just two of us running, at the moment, seven accounts, so we're not really set up to fight with people that already live in these wormholes. In no way are we helpless, with numerous battleships and HACs between all of us, but we'd prefer to either have no neighbors or co-exist with a friendly corp.

So yesterday found me in a Class 2 Pulsar, excitedly finding my directional scanner clear. I zoomed out and thought, wow, here's an empty one! Wait, there's another planet track, so I zoomed out some more and flew to the next farther planet. Scanned.....Nothing! YAY! Wait, zoom out some this wormhole was HUGE. Turned out there was yet another planet, the wormhole was like 200 AU across! And of course, there was a POS at the lsat planet. And a Catalyst cleaning up some Sleeper wrecks.

I tried to get the guy to speak in local, he ran back to his POS and got into a Drake. I tried to convo him, but he rejected. I guess everyone is super paranoid, with good reason. I scanned down his POS, and got yanked out of warp by a Mobile Disrupter Field. Luckily, I stumbled into one of several, all the others had Secure Containers in them to decloak people so the POS could light them up.

Ah well, I decided to give up and said in local I might be back with a POS, which I wasn't really planning on doing. No sooner do I head back to K-Space than I get a convo invite from a guy saying he didn't speak english very well, and that I could talk to the other guy in his corp later.

Didn't make alot of sense, as he wrote english certainly well. It sure felt like a ploy so he could close the WH, but I came back later and it was still there. *shrug* Oh well, I wasn't going to move in with a decidedly hostile looking corp already there. I know Eve is a nasty game, but setting a trap like that for cloakers is just below the bar for me.

So, BPOs. I decided yesterday that I need to be able to fling a POS into a wormhole pretty fast, and I've built 10 Corp Hangars and multiple Ship Maintenance Arrays in preparation for heading into one. I've got POS fuel and a fleet of Iterons, Bestowers and cheap scanning vessels at the POS, ready to go.

I also wanted a Large Ship Array so I could produce some battleships inside the WH with the huge amount of materials I was going to be getting. After looking at their prices in my region, around 130 mil, I decided to go look at a BPO instead. I have a large cache of High Tech commodities for building the corp and ship arrays. So I travelled to Rens.

After arriving, I found that it was just 25 mil more for the BPO than for an array itself, so I looked around for the BPO, and almost every single one was in lowsec. Six jumps away was a high sec station. Right. After arriving, I noticed a large amount of low sec status people outside. Great. I'm in a shuttle. After perusing the BPOs for awhile, I decided to also pick up a Small Amarr Control Tower BPO as well. With the stockpile of materials I had, I could almost build 10 small control towers!

The people outside convinced me I had to buy a better ship, and the only thing at the station not priced 1000x normal price was an Executioner.

So after being chased a few jumps back to Yuzier with like 250 mil worth of BPOs in the bay, I breathed a sigh of relief and went about setting my PI up to make stuff for the new BPOs.

Still looking for that wormhole! Since Star Defender has noted that there are more unoccupied that lead to lowsec, I might head down there and scan a bit looking for the elusive empty hole.

Forgotten Heathen out.

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